Mega Maelstrom: Having robbed King Frodi's magical mill Grotti

Evil Makes You Monstrous: After Fafnir has murdered his father and chased away his brother over Andvari’s gold, he turns into a dragon to guard his treasure. While this is a voluntary transformation, he never shifts out of his dragon shape afterwards. Framing Device: Aegir is invited to feast with the Aesir and gets to sit besides Bragi, the god of poetry. Aegir questions Bragi about poetry, giving him opportunity to talk at length about poetical language. Gold Fever: Snorri claims that ever since Andvari cursed his gold hoard so that it would cause the death of every future owner, gold is also called “metal of conflict” (r Andvari’s curse comes true: First Fafnir and Regin murder their father Hreidmar, but Fafnir chases away Regin, and then Regin incites Sigurd to kill Fafnir for the gold. After Fafnir’s death, Regin plans to kill Sigurd, but Sigurd realizes his intentions and kills him first. Golem: To assist their champion Hrungnir in his appointed duel with Thor, the giants of Jotunheim form an artificial giant from clay and bring him to life by putting a mare’s heart into his breast (as this is the largest heart they can find). Unfortunately, the titanic creature, which is called M is also a coward, and is dispatched by Thor’s servant Thjalfi with relative ease. “Groundhog Day” Loop: The armies of the kings Hedin and Hogni are caught forever fighting each other on the island of Hoy. Handy Feet: Gunnar is thrown into the snake pit with his hands bound, but Gudrun gives him a harp which he plays with his toes and thus puts the snakes to sleep except for one. “Just So” Story: The story of the magical mill Grotti explains why the sea is salt. Mega Maelstrom: Having robbed King Frodi’s magical mill Grotti, the viking Mysingr loads it on his ship and orders the giantesses who turn the mill to make the mill create salt. When the ship is full, the giantesses ask him if they should continue. Mysingr tells them to make still more salt. The ship sinks, but Grotti is still turning on the sea bottom, making a maelstrom where the sea falls into the mill eye. Music Soothes the Savage Beast: On the orders of Atli, Gunnar is tied up and thrown into a snake pit, but his sister Gudrun gives him a harp which he plays with his toes. His music puts all the snakes to sleep except one which kills him. People of Hair Color: All the Niflungs have “hair as black as ravens”. Ring of Power: According to Andvari, the ring Andvaranaut has the magical property to make his owner rich.

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